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Press Release: New Book Revealing 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing Unveiled



Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing

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Weklar Business Institute

The Weklar Business Institute is the brainpower hub for accelerating business growth. We focus on helping companies ‘align, accelerate and achieve’ their goals by synchronizing strategic goals with all organizational functions to achieve peak performance in any economy.

Whether online or on-site, we get away from the boring and overwhelming training of the past, creating stimulating programs to provide business professionals with practical, yet cutting edge strategies that are immediately useful. The Weklar Business Institute has a highly knowledgeable team of experts, covering a wide variety of business issues including leadership, management, marketing, sales, finance, product development, and customer service, to name a few.

Diane Weklar

Diane Weklar, the authority on accelerating business growth, has been igniting business expansion for over 25 years. She is an innovative business strategist and exciting speaker helping to build successful businesses in any economy. Diane is the author of: Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing.

With a unique combination of corporate and consulting experience, as well as a serial entrepreneur, her forte is synchronizing strategic goals with functional areas to achieve peak performance. Diane is President of the Weklar Consulting Group and CEO of the Weklar Business Institute providing strategic execution, performance optimization, and integrated marketing solutions.

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