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Masterning the Money Maze by Diane Weklar

A primary obstacle to business growth is financing – where to find it and how to get it. In today’s economy, potential lenders and investors are increasingly selective about who gains access to money.

Mastering the Money Maze is a vital must read for any small business or startup venture trying to fund expansion. You will discover what lenders and investors really want and the specific steps you can take to win financing.

Learn how to:

• Select the financing option best for you
• Speak ”finance” with the right terminology, stats and reports
• Develop a profit strategy to succeed in any business or economic situation
• Impress with your ‘A” management team and strategies
• Highlight your competitive advantages
• Create a plan to get the best bang for investment buck
• Maximize your credit rating and overcome low scores
• Identify collateral for securing the funding
• Develop persuasive, effective business and marketing plans
• Craft a winning presentation for lenders and investors
• And more…

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The Author

Diane Weklar has been igniting business growth and profits for 25 years, in the corporate and consulting arenas, as well as a serial entrepreneur. Diane is the author of: Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing, which provides practical insight for business owners and managers who need to raise capital.

With this unique combination of industry knowledge, her forte is synchronizing strategic goals with business functional areas to achieve peak performance. She is adept at identifying and pursuing aggressive growth opportunities in both strong and weak economic markets.

In addition to consulting to a broad base of established companies, Diane’s background includes launching ventures which provide eCommerce solutions to government entities, a web-based recruitment portal, an energy advocacy group, as well as, co-founding the first company to provide corporate marketing and management tools to the legal industry.

Diane is CEO of the Weklar Business Institute. Her mission is to assist businesses experience extraordinary growth by:

Achieving strategic and tactical goals

Increasing revenue with successful integrated marketing strategies

Producing substantial profits by implementing efficient operations

Winning financing to facilitate growth

An adjunct professor at the University of Redlands and sought-after advisor, she has lectured and written extensively for many organizations. A true teacher, she uses real-life examples and cutting-edge research to provide innovative, step-by-step methods for success through her presentations, training programs, and books. Diane has an MBA in Finance and Marketing and a B.A. in Economics.


Advance Reader Comments

daniel_teklai“In Mastering the Money Maze, Diane Weklar walks the reader from the basics of financing a business to the intricacies of why some business get funded while others are turned down…and clearly lays out how to get a business ready for debt or equity financing…with sound best practices and avoiding common pitfalls. Should be recommended reading for any business professional.”

Daniel Teklai, Vice President, Premier Service Bank


ursula_mentjes“There has never been a more important time for business owners to expand their knowledge of the best way to finance their business. Diane Weklar takes the mystery out of the “money maze” and helps her clients and readers get on track and bring in the financing they need—even when they didn’t believe they could get it. Don’t wait! Grab this book now because you never know when you will REALLY need that money!”

Ursula Mentjes, CEO, Sales Coach Now
Two-Time Bestselling Author of Selling with Intention and Selling with Synchronicity


dian_wyman“This book provides an informative and practical approach for small business leaders to successfully build profitable, growing businesses that will attract the right lenders and investors. It develops the road map for the team to focus on the right business plan and business model that will lead to the best opportunities for obtaining money.”

Dian Wyman, President, Wyman & Little, Inc., Accounting and Consulting


nicole_kinney“Mastering the Money Maze is a comprehensive guide to help anyone seeking financing to navigate the right channels…provides essential information regarding the perspective of a lender or investor. Diane has done a phenomenal job breaking down the process so a business owner can save time and money by getting it done right the first time!”

Nicole Kinney, Director, Inland Empire Women’s Business Center


carolyn_ortman“With Mastering the Money Maze, you have a practical guide to direct your steps and greatly increase your success rate. This is a must read for businesses—whether going for the first loan or the twentieth! Thanks, Diane, for making the process simple!”

Carolyn Ortman, President. CKO Solutions Group


beverly_rubio“Mastering the Money Maze will become the finance Bible for all small business owners. Diane shows small business owners how to cut through the red tape and confusion that lending institutions put up that make the lending process onerous and intimidating. Diane’s insights into the financing world will level the playing field for small business owners.”

Beverly Rubio, President, BAR Strategia

debra_murphy“Finally, a practical and useful guide to help businesses gets financing to support their growth! Mastering the Money Maze should be required reading for all business owners that want to win at the lending process.”

Debra Murphy, Co-Founder, Business Resource Connection




“Mastering the Money Maze demolishes the myth that small business owners cannot obtain business financing.”

Sophia Brooks, CEO. Global Learning Partners, Inc



janise_graham“Most business owners are not thinking about how they will get out of their business when preparing for a bank loan. Be assured that most financial institutions who are willing to the risk of supporting you and your business want to know how are they going to get their money back in the event of loss or disability of a person integral to the success of that business. Diane has done a wonderful job of expressing and emphasizing this point.”

Janise Graham, Chief Insurance Strategist, Entrepreneur’s Insurance Services
christina_jones“Diane Weklar offers candid, uncompromising insight on matters of business finance and strategic business planning. She offers a fresh and practical approach for a topic that continues to wear on small businesses. I am fortunate to know Diane and I am confident that others will greatly benefit from her business acumen as I have.”

Christina Jones, Province Consulting Group, Inc.


CONTACT Diane Weklar
Phone: 951-263-9089

Mastering the Money Maze
10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing
Diane Weklar

Publication Date: June 25, 2014
ISBNs: 978-1-933277-23-3 (Print)
978-1-933277-24-0 (Kindle)

Stargazer Publishing Company
P.O. Box 77002, Corona, CA 92877-0100
(800) 606-7895

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