8 Tips to Save Your Small Business Time and Money

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Time is MoneyIt takes a lot of effort to keep on top of everything you have to do every day—especially if you are a small business owner. Luckily technology has become a helper, but how do you best take advantage of all the tools at your fingertips? Some options offer easy access and quick returns.

Cost Saving Solutions

Are you ready to learn more about the tools that can transform your work days—and help you re-capture more of your time? Salesforce has created a useful infographic which is listed below. Many of the tools it describes can help your business grow. These include:

  • Cloud Computing
    In the past we all had to invest in very expensive pieces of hardware that took up space and energy, as well as required tech experts to maintain. But now, cloud options enable you to store, work, and share, without the investment in machines or personnel.
  • Higher Levels of Security
    Security is also something that you can transfer to an online source, too. Data breaches are a fear that both business and individuals fear—the cost in terms of time, money and resources can be overwhelming for a small business. Salesforce notes that 38% of businesses polled have no security protecting their networks and email.
  • Business Metrics to Increase Productivity
    By using metrics from your software programs such as Customer Relationship Management systems (CRM) you can encourage increased productivity among your employees. Salesforce notes that distracted and unengaged employees cost U.S. companies $7.4 billion each day! The best way to engage employees is to give them autonomy that is giving them ownership over their projects. With strong data, employees can brainstorm and innovate new strategies for your company.
  • Mentorship
    Small businesses need to focus on mentorship to help them succeed. Salesforce notes that 28% of small businesses make use of mentors. But you need to get creative and use all your resources especially if you have small staffs. Look both inside and outside your organization for help. For example, use your accountant as a financial consultant.
  • Automation
    Today there is an app for everything from collaboration tools to CRMs. These tools are incredible time savers for a small business. They also help track and provide accountability to ensure your projects are completed on time and on budget.
  • Hire Effectively
    You need the right people in the right positions. That requires investing in them as well—training, motivating, and communicating well. Use your current employees to headhunt for the business, as well as using contract employees for projects that don’t need full time help. It is also a great way to test out whether this person will fit well in your organization.
  • Target the Right Clients
    You also need to focus on getting the right clients and customers for your business—and to set up programs that ensure that they are always treated well. Do the research necessary to understand who would most benefit from your product offerings.
  • Go Green
    Ask your employees to help fight waste whether it is as simple as turning off lights when they leave the room or turning off computers when they leave for the day. Also utility companies offer free programs to audit your business and offer energy saving advice. Going green is good for both your brand and your financials.

To learn more about the tools that can transform your work days—and help you re-capture more of your time, read Saleforce’s infographic listed below and the tools it describes can help your business grow.

8 Small Business Tips to Save Time and Money

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