• Discover the Secrets of Winning Business Financing

    Get your copy of the Amazon #1 Bestseller, Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing. Diane Weklar details what lenders and investors really want and outlines strategies to help you be the ideal company financing sources want to fund.

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    Discover the Secrets of Winning Business Financing
  • Align Your Business for Success

    Aligning vision, goals, strategies and resources in a volatile economy is a tough but necessary part of business success. Let the Weklar Business Institute show you how to simply and effectively align your business for extraordinary results!

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    Align Your Business for Success
  • SuperCharge Your Business Growth Strategies

    Weklar Business Institute can make strategy meaningful and actionable for every person in your firm. Let us help you design, execute and monitor big business strategies for small business success, and accelerate your overall business performance!

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    SuperCharge Your Business Growth Strategies
  • Grow your business, Achieve Success!

    Weklar Business Institute helps you discover the best practice secrets of high performance companies. Ignite your business today –align, accelerate and achieve the goals you have been dreaming of!

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    Grow your business, Achieve Success!

The most important key to business success is execution of a well-designed strategy. If you want to accelerate your business growth you need to ensure “make-it-happen” action takes place. The Weklar Business Institute can guide you along the path of success.


To take your business to the next level, it is important to coordinate all online and offline strategies for marketing, sales, customer service and more. You need to step beyond strategies that are popular or trendy and focus on your ideal customers’ channels. The Weklar Business Institute helps you develop and implement an integrated approach that focuses on what works!


Does your business feel like a series of separate silos with no communication between each one? Achieving success is a coordinated effort. We help you ensure that all facets of your business are aligned and effective processes implemented, all working together for optimal results.


A primary obstacle to business growth is financing—where to find it and how to get it. The Weklar Business Institute’s founder, Diane Weklar, has written the ultimate guide for getting investors and lenders to say “yes.” Mastering the Money Maze: 10 Secrets to Winning Business Financing is “a roadmap to success for small business owners to obtain financing and growth,” says Global Learning Partners CEO, Sophia Brooks.



Business Consulting and Training Services by The Weklar Business Institute

Whether online or on-site, we get away from the boring and overwhelming Business Coaching of the past, creating stimulating Business Online and Offline Programs to provide you with practical, yet cutting edge strategies that are immediately useful to you and your business.

Building a successful business today means synchronizing your goals with all business functions to create shared optimal performance throughout the firm. It also means continually adapting to a volatile economy, and targeting those great opportunities that put you at the top of your market.

The Weklar Business Institute team is composed of entrepreneurs who have also worked in corporate America. We learned first-hand what works, and what doesn’t – and we can save you time, money and resources to get the job done skillfully, cost-effectively, and profitably.

It’s time to get your business to the next level and achieve success…fast. The Weklar Business Institute offers Business Coaching, Business Events, Business Online and Offline Programs, Business Speakers and strategies that will help you:

• Rev-up your revenue
• Supercharge your strategies
• Boost your profits
• Win the capital you need to accelerate business growth.

No matter what type of business you have, The Weklar Business Institute is here to be your partner in growth.



"Diane is an exciting speaker providing cutting edge and useful information to all levels of the organization."Joseph Borremans, Global Project & BusinessDevelopment Manager - International Transportation Corporation

"Diane Weklar receives the highest respect and recommendation as an outstanding business strategist & professional speaker. She has been an exemplary business advisor to our firm and its clients, assisting us on strategic marketing initiatives and targeted growth opportunities. Her outstanding work product and communication skills have allowed Pedersen & Houpt to further serve its corporate and entrepreneurial business segments."Stephanie Storkel, COO - National Law Firm

"Diane is a strategic thinker who can develop and operationalize business and marketing plans"Ann Fiorelli, President - National Research Firm

"Diane is a strong leader with the ability to tackle both the strategic and tactical needs of an organization. She is goal oriented and supports her team members for individual and team performance. During the time I've know Diane she has achieved or exceeded key performance indicators (KPI's) for projects assigned to her and her team."Jim Tower, President - National Sales and Loyalty Program Company

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